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    Dennis W. Hall                                          

Dennis W. Hall portrayed a Wise Guy in Peter Farrelly's multiple Golden Globe winning, multiple Oscar Winning Best Picture dramatic 1960's period feature debut GREEN BOOK opposite Viggo Mortinson.  


In the Civil War era film HANGER'S LIMB, he portrays Dr. James Dickey Robinson, the Union doctor who performed the first amputation of the war on James Hanger; Hanger went on to design and patent a new and improved prosthetic leg with a moveable knee and ankle, and his company still exists today, outfitting wounded soldiers in every war since 1865.  

In another recently released & well regarded film CHASING BULITT, Dennis plays "Agent Freddie Fields"; the film centers around Steve McQeen and the 1-year period after he left Le Mans, and premiered at the Chinese Theater in July 2018 and will be distributed by Verticle Entertainment in 2019.  

Dennis trained under Stella Adler in New York and continuously works on his craft, now based in Los Angeles. 

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