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   Honesty Guess                                                 

Honesty Guess is a well-trained actor and improv artist raised in South Carolina.  After living in Paris and New York for more than a decade, studying at The Sorbonne in Paris, and further honing his craft at The William Esper Studio, Terry Knickerbocker, and The Neighborhood Playhouse in NY, he relocated to Los Angeles where he continues to study with The Margie Haber Studio. 


Honestly is versatile and moves easily between drama and comedy. 

Though the vast majority of his work has been on the live stage, he has appeared in Natalie Clavier's music video "Trouble" and numerous short films. 


He is gifted in language and accents, and speaks fluent French and conversational German; He has a native Southern accent, and can portray RP British, South African, Caribbean, West African and of course standard American English. 


Outside of acting, Honesty has been actively volunteering for since childhood, and most recently has devoted much of energy to furthering causes, specifically social justice, fair housing, and advocating for universal healthcare. 

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