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       Julian Adams                                 

JULIAN ADAMS is an actor, producer and writer.  He is a founding partner of Solar Filmworks.  

Most recently, Julian produced and co-starred in Todd Robinson’s Vietnam-Era feature film, THE LAST FULL MEASURE (2019), starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, William Hurt, Christopher Plummer, Sebastian Stan, Jeremy Irvine, Peter Fonda, John Savage, and Amy Madigan.  He produced (with Pen Densham and John Watson) and co-starred in the 2013 submarine thriller PHANTOM starring Ed Harris, David Duchovny and William Fichtner, written and directed by Todd Robinson. PHANTOM was released worldwide in 2013 by 20th Century Fox.  Along with Pen Densham, Julian is producing LAND OF ENCHANTMENT, a Navajo thriller written and directed by Pen Densham.  He is also producing BLOOD MONEY, written and directed by Todd Robinson.  With Mogens Eckert and Peter Garde, Julian is producing the medical thriller THE X-GENE PROJECT.

Julian produced the maiden project for Solar Filmworks, THE LAST CONFEDERATE: THE STORY OF ROBERT ADAMS (THINKFilm 2007).  THE LAST CONFEDERATE won 10 Film Festivals Awards, including seven Producing Awards for Julian.  He produced the music documentary, AMY COOK: THE SPACES IN BETWEEN, which was directed by Todd Robinson and was released by The Documentary Channel in 2009. 

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