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   Rebecca Radisic                                       

Rebecca Radisic ​spent the majority of her youth and young adulthood performing on stage with notable turns as "Sheila" in ​HAIR, "Girl" in ONCE, both "Hermia" and "Titania​" in ​A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, "Richard" in RICHARD III​ (​where ​regional theater critics declared her performance "masterful"​)​​,​ and "Vanessa" in IN THE HEIGHTS (critics declared her "a powerhouse").

​After earning her degree, Rebecca quickly began working in film and television.  She immediately landed a small recurring role on HBO'S acclaimed THE GILDED AGE by creator Julian Fellowes, as well as the lead roles in a host of independent films including the​ ​psychological thriller ​​​LOOP​, playing a volunteer medical study subject who gets trapped in an experiment; AMERICAN SOGNARE in which she plays​ an edgy Sommelier who finds love in a time of personal grief; ​​MAQUETT​E playing the artist's muse who drives him to madness as she becomes personally empowered; and GODSPEED playing a young woman haunted by a past abortion who must recon with her regrets. 

Rebecca is a trained Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano vocalist with a mix/belt, with range from classic musical theater and Broadway to pop/rock/R+B/Jazz.  Additionally, Rebecca also trained in dance and movement, studying ballet, jazz, and musical theater dance, pantomime, stage combat, and intentional movement.

Rebecca is adept at languages and performing with accents, including British RP, Southern & Standard American, Native NY and NJ, and Slavic & Eastern Bloc. ​ She speaks conversational Spanish. 

​Rebecca holds BAs in Theatre and Film from Sacred Heart University, where she ​studied as an actor utilizing the techniques of Uta Hagen and Stanislavski​; she is​ an alumni of the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City​; and​ continues to study acting with Stuart Rogers in New York. 

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